Plumbers, plumbing contractors and turnkey plumbing contractors: what is the difference ?

Difference between plumber, plumbing contractor and turnkey plumbing contractor

When we talk about plumbers, we come across the three terms viz., plumbers, plumbing contractors, and turnkey plumbing contractors. These terms may seem similar and can be misinterpreted, but each has a specific role and can be differentiated. In this post, we will discuss difference amongst the three for the better understanding of the terms and get a fair idea to select the right professional at the right time.

Who are plumbers


There are some day to day issues that homeowners might face on priority / urgency basis. These can be clogged toilets or sinks In such scenarios the cleaners or the sweepers are the first persons to be looked upon.  The issues like leaking taps or minor repairs in the fittings, the plumbers are called upon. The plumbers are experienced to handle repairs in fixtures like faucets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets.

Plumbing contractors

Plumbing Contractor

Coming over to the next term- plumbing contractors. These are the professional who are trained in plumbing services. Usually, they are the small businesses who take the tasks related to plumbing. These tasks are usually bigger than those for the plumbers.

The plumbing contractors

  • Are hired to do more complex tasks along with the regular tasks of the plumbers.
  • They can be called for remodeling of the toilets or replacement of the sinks or bathtubs
  • They can also help in repairing slab leaks.
  • They can also be called upon at the construction stage for undertaking the plumbing of the new building.
  • May help in the installation of the water heaters, gas connections and other appliances.

Turnkey plumbing contractors

Turnkey plumbing contractor

This term is new and usually interchanged with plumbing contractors. These are the licensed professional companies who take the task of plumbing right from the planning stage of the new construction and the contract stays long after this construction is over. Once the contract is signed they are also in charge of maintenance of any type of the plumbing issues that arise in the buildings they do a routine check after the short intervals for the upkeep of the fittings and fixtures.

Turnkey plumbing contractors

  • Have a clear picture of the planning stage of the building and are called for their inputs.
  • They have a team of experts who carry the construction of the plumbing part in the building.
  • Once the building is in use they do the routine check of the building’s plumbing system.
  • They can be called to set up water heater plants, rainwater harvesting systems, and even greywater management system.

The basic idea about the three can definitely help you to choose the right person for the job, may it be the minor repair, some changes or a new construction.

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