Why Slab Leaks Are Dangerous

slab leaks why we need to bother for it

A minor space in the direction of the water flow leads to its seepage or leaks. Most of the time, these leaks go unnoticed until a major destruction happens. In this post, Saksham Plumbing, specialists in turnkey plumbing solutions, will discuss about the most common and most unnoticed water leak location: slabs

What do you mean by slab?

What do you mean by slab

Here, slab doesn’t mean a kitchen slab. It is the base of the ground where the whole house is erected. This slab is not placed underground, but on the ground level. It can easily be seen if you have a basement or underground parking. If the water starts to seep through the ground unnoticed, this may lead to major distraction on the building.

How to identify slab leaks
Hot or cold spots: Due to water movement under the ground you may notice a hot or cold spot on the ground floor. This may be due to slab leaks.

Sound of running water:The sound of running water under the ground or small leaks are signs to watch for to check slab leaks. If you notice any catch, call the plumber immediately to prevent any unrecoverable damage from happening.

Effects of Leaks

Effects of LeaksWater seepage or leaks under the slab area causes the soil to loosen its hold and a continuous leak may lead to complete displacement of the soil, which means the slab will expand both horizontally and vertically. Initially, this displacement is horizontal and thus goes unnoticed, but if this movement bursts vertically, it starts to take a different turn.

As the water seeps through the soil and makes it move upwards the soil bulges up thus disturbing the level of the foundation. As the foundation becomes unbalanced, the impact moves towards the walls by rising the wall from one side. This rise leads to the pressure on the walls leading to cracks in the same. When the foundation moves further, the cracks gets longer and wider. This can be identified if there are cracks in the ceramic tile. Keep a watch, there may be a leak within.


There can be many reasons for slab leaks.

The most common is weather. Due to water movement under the ground you may notice a hot or cold spot on the ground floor. This may be due to slab leaks.

Old pipe fittings:The old and rusted pipe fitting under the ground can also be the reason for slab bulges and leaks.

Improper construction: mproper construction: Improper construction or poor fittings may also lead to these slab leaks and cracks.

It is very crucial to keep a check on the plumbing issues that may come up in our building or homes. May it be a minor change, leak, sound or smell, it has to be dealt with seriously and urgently before it takes on the form of a disaster. At the initial stage, the repair may cost pennies but at disaster stage, it can cost fortunes and may burden to the pockets. The rule of thumb we can follow here is – “the earlier, the better”


Facing low water pressure issue?

Facing low water pressure issue (1)

Plumbing is an integral part of any building, may it be residential or commercial. Due to regular use, we often face issues with the system. Most common of them are the leaks and foul smell. Other plumbing issue that most of us face in our day to day life is of low water pressure. This is equally frustrating but can be identified and resolved. Let us see what the probable causes of low water pressure are.

Identifying low water pressure

Determine if all locations within your home or office have low water pressure. Check all the faucets at your home or office to see if all of them have the same issue or there is an issue with the single faucet that you have recently discovered.

Check the faucet if you only have low water pressure in a particular location

Check the faucet if you only have low water pressure in a particular location

If your faucet is for both hot and cold water, then check by opening cold and hot water only simultaneously on 100 % position. If there is pressure issue with hot water only, then you probably need to check your hot water system or otherwise.

Causes of low water pressure

Once you have found out which faucet is facing the issue, the next step is to find out the cause of the issue.

Verify the water meter Verify the water meter

Verify the water meter

Check the meter. Usually, after repair activity, people forget to open it back or may not have opened it properly, due to which the water pressure is low.

Ensure proper working of stop valve

Check if these valves are working fine and are open completely.

Check the Pressure Regulator

At times, the pressure regulator is not working in proper condition, then there maybe a change in the water pressure and may impact all the fixtures.

Check for the leaks

Check for the leaks

You need to check if there is any leak in the fittings. Check near the P-traps, under the sink, toilet seats, in the basement of the house or any probably seepage on the walls. If there is a leakage, then you need to get it fixed to solve the low water pressure problem.

Recent maintenance works:

If there had been some recent maintenance work done in the house, may it be related to the plumbing of some other which may impact the plumbing of the house, probably this can be one of the causes of low water pressure.

High usability timing:

If you face an issue of low water pressure at the certain point of the day, say at the time when nearly all the faucets and showers are in use, then maybe the tank is shared amongst all the fittings and water is distributed in all the taps.

Size of the pipe:

The diameter of the supply pipe may also be the issue of low water pressure. You need to check if the supply pipe has sufficient width depending upon the water supply and demand.

Choking in the supply pipe:

Choking in the supply pipe

There may be the possibility of mineral deposit or clogging due to debris in the pipeline, which is causing the issue. The simple cleaning of the pipe will solve the issue; this happens usually in the case of hot water lines as due to higher temperature calcification of lines is much more than cold water line with similar quality water.

Tenure of the pipe:

In the case of the longer life of the pipes, they may corrode due to natural wear and tear and gets rusted. This may lead to either leakage or clogging in the pipelines, which hampers the proper water flow.

Height of the tank:

Height of the tank

If the tanks are placed on a height, then there may be a possibility that the water has to travel a long way that reduce the pressure at which it is intended to flow.

Check with your neighbours:

If nothing is of concern at your house, then probably this is the external issue. Check in your locality that whether everyone is facing the same issue. May be some maintenance work is carried out by the corporation due to which the supply of water is limited.
Once you have identified the probable cause of the issue, then you need to get to the cause to resolve the same. Probably you need to get in touch with a professional plumbing repair service providers, if any repair or maintenance is needed.

Plumbing DIY Guides and Tips

Plumbing DIY Guides and Tips

Plumbing is a system of fitting, pipes, tanks etc. that is needed for water supply, heating and sanitation in a building.
Plumbing specify the requirements for its design, composition, management, training and practices of plumbers as well as operators, who build and maintain it.

Credits: http://www.examiner.com/article/plumbing-diy-guides-and-tips

Plumbing issues: Best to be left for professionals

Turnkey Plumbing

Turnkey Plumbing

Plumbing is just like the flow in the veins and arteries of the house. They take the water waft from one supply to one more and so does with the sewer drains. If any fault happens in it, then it is going to lead to extreme mess ups.   

One of the vital customary things about plumbing issues is that they tend to arise at the most inconvenient time. However, what appears to be something that happens out of the blue might definitely be the obstacle that has been in the making for a while. When there are distinct types of recurring issues such as leaks, bursting pipes, and blockages, you need to do more than obvious fix. You ought to have the whole process inspected to ensure that there hasn’t been any corrosion in the mechanisms or in the pipes.

One approach to counteract excessive repairs to your home is a normal maintenance plan. An inspection is the foundation of any maintenance plan. Since numerous issues with your pipes sneak up on you, a careful inspection is a way to getting little issues before they develop. Obviously, a normal maintenance assignments can help to control the circumstance. Actually, Plumbing issues are of great significance since timing is everything when you’re attempting to stay away from a wreck.

Other than few DIY checks there are certain areas where we require the intervention of the professional given that there our little potential won’t do any good to sort out the difficulty. Let us see in which cases we have to look at the professional help.


Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing Issues -brust pipe

Plumbing Issues -brust pipe

This is, without a doubt, one of the most fashioned plumbing challenges in almost every household. A leak generally is a sign that further down the pipe, there’s a crack or something is lacking. Might be the stopper or washers are worn down too much. A running faucet notwithstanding stopping everything forces you to address the issue quickly. Noises are more commonly a major indicator of an impending essential situation that is on the horizon. Looking to repair it yourself could be risky considering you may also do more damage than good if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many of the individuals will not be capable of searching out the real reason of the leakage and beginning treating the point of floor from the place the puddle of water starts to float. It is very important to realise that leaks can occur at any time and via any source. It is can also be problematic to pinpoint any designated region of the leak every time with none reputable support. An excellent plumber will likely be capable of seeing over the drains, pipes and tanks to find out the designated location of the leak. Procrastination might reason a small challenge to develop into a giant one and could lead to an extra destruction of the house and plumbing method.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Clogged drains

Clogged drains

Slow drains

Slow drains

When the water that goes into your sink, tub or bathroom won’t go out, you probably have a partial or complete clog. Sometimes DIY ideas like plunger or drain cleaners available in the market might be of good help but If you’re dealing with clogs on a regular basis, it’s time to call a professional. There are particular circumstances when the main issue gets out of your hands there you want a reliable support.

Even a slow relocating water or a pungent smell coming from your drain needs to be addressed at some point or another. Mostly, we have a tendency to disregard the crisis to be addressed later and on the whole put out of our mind that there’s a difficulty until it becomes a catastrophe. A simple step forward of time will continually lead to a safer future




After spending some time in the house we may want to change things up either to make space or to make it look more beautiful. Usually, people starts with the bathrooms. A minor change within the fittings would possibly not turn out to be a difficult activity, but when a transforming is planned then a reliable aid is required to confirm whether or not that is feasible or not and the way it may be executed. That is just about a good option to avert future loss and frustration.

No matter whatever the issue is, it is advisable to make it a habit of addressing earlier than it becomes a catastrophe and blasts on the very wee hour of the day.

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Keep foundation safe with turnkey plumbing from Sanicon energy solutions

Keep foundation safe with turnkey plumbing from Sanicon energy solutions 14 03 2016 (1)

Plumbing is a matter of serious concern right from the time the planning and designing of the house come in place. A single flaw in the system can not only ruin the design but can lead to serious disaster shaking the foundation. For the perfect design and regular checks to avoid plumbing issues turnkey plumbers are the right people. We at Sanicon energy solution are the expert turnkey and green plumbers who work hand in hand with the design team to regular maintenance of your house from time to time. We are proficient in guiding for making your home an eco-friendly living place. We are a proud one stop place for all your water solutions. 



What causes smell and sound from your plumbing

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You would have noticed some unusual sounds or odour in your house which gives you sense of anxiety that something is not right. Well, it might be true. These smells or odours are the alarms that something worst is about to happen. However with timely precautions and action majority of the incidents could be controlled if alerts are taken seriously and dealt accordingly.
Identifying these do not need much technical intervention, just avoiding them or moving on with the issues can lead to big losses. Below are few things in each group which you can watch for.


These are some unusual sounds from the plumbing which you can easily find with your ears

Running water

The easily identified sound that tells you that something is leaking even no faucet is in use. These requires urgent attention to avoid situations of bigger disasters


dripping tap

A small drips from the showers or the faucets are easily identified and more easily ignored. But if you want your home healthy, then these needs quick action before they become worse to handle

Water hammer

This is the thump in the piping when the faucet or valve is shut off rudely. These may be avoided by installing air chamber in the wall of the supply pipe. But if you find this sound due to outside plumbing or due to neighbouring house then this requires experienced intervention for corrective action to safeguard wear and tear of the pipes


This happens due to lose pipes or worn-out washers.


When the water pressure is higher than the capacity of the pipeline then you may hear such sounds.


These are the good indicators to tell you that something is not right in the plumbing. You can smell the unusual smells inside your homes which do not need technical knowledge.

Smell from the P trap

P- Trap

If you notice that the sewer smell is coming from one of your drains then probably this is due to the dry P trap. Usually this smell occurs when the drain is not in use for the longer duration.

Smell from the sewer line

If you notice that the smell is from the nearly all the drains of the house or at single drain that open in the municipal sewer line then probably there is a breakage or the blockage in the sewer line. This is usually accompanied with drain clog and gurgling sounds. It accounts for major repair and needs prompt action

Smell from the vents

If the air vents of the pipes are clogged due to nests, debris, or any other probable reason, then they may block the sewer smell from moving out of the house and make it flow down your drains, this needs quick cleaning with the help of the experienced plumber.

Mold smell:


Small leaks down in the walls may lead to molds in the walls. Check for the probable place of the leaks and any visible signs of the moisture around the walls.

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How smart people keep happy homes and plumbing fit

No more leaks, no more clogs. keep plumbing fit

If you wish to have a happy and healthy home, the plumbing aspect is also to be considered. The smart way for enjoying happy home is to choose turnkey plumbing contractors. From the designing phase to the maintenance of the plumbing system for years, the turnkey plumbing contractors play a vital role on every step so that you enjoy happy living. Sanicon energy solutions, being experts in the  field since over 15 years in taking up turnkey plumbing and green plumbing projects, provides solutions for your plumbing needs right from the time when you are going to design the house on the paper to the time you step in and long years after you move in. They keep a check in your plumbing system from time to time so that you don’t face issues like clogs or leaks at wee hours. Isn’t is a smart step?