Getting tired of power bills? Use sun for your daily hot water needs

Getting tired of power bills use sun for your daily hot water needs

We are dependent of power supply for meeting our hot water demands. This also causes the inflated bills which one way or the other becomes a cause of our stress. The advancement in technology has brought the solution to this issue. We can use sun for this. So far we use sun for drying clothes, preparing pickles, cooking food and so on. But with the introduction of solar water heaters, we can now a continuous flow of hot water without depending totally on power supply. Sanicon energy solutions bring to your Rheem water heaters. These not only require very less maintenance, and when installed properly, they prove to be an asset to the owners who enjoy hot water supply round the year.


Pressurized Heat pump: From air to hot water

Heat Pump- From Air To Hot Water -Sanicon Energy Solution

Heat Pump- From Air To Hot Water -Sanicon Energy Solution

Air is a continuously available source of energy, the warmth from the air can be used to heat the water. Unlike AC which converts the warmth from the air to cool the rooms , the heat pumps works on the same principle but in a different way. They extract energy from the air and use the same to heat the water. This is the most economical means of getting the hot water in comparison of others.

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