Delhi Metro to build ‘forest’ in Pink City

Delhi metro to build forest in park city


The dry climes of Jaipur haven’t stopped Delhi Metro from trying to build a city forest. Metro will soon start working on its second phase and along with the construction of the line, the agency is developing a “Metro forest”.

“Jaipur Metro has developed a ‘Metro forest’ in 5 hectares of forest land and planted about 3,000 trees. In addition, some trees which had to be shifted from the site have been transplanted here,” said Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spokesman Anuj Dayal.

He added, “DMRC is the general consultant for the second phase, while the actual construction is being done by CEC, a Taiwanese company”. Metro is also introducing a rainwater harvesting system where its viaduct will act as catchment for rainwater.

“Also, a 100 KWP solar power plant has been constructed at the Mansarovar depot, which will produce an energy saving of Rs 1 lakh per month,” said Dayal. Along the 9km elevated route, 12,800 LED lights have been provided under the mission, ‘Save Electricity Build Nation’, he added.


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