Let’s conserve water- for the well being of our house too..

Lets Conserve Water For The Well Being Of Our House-Turnkey Plumbing

Lets Conserve Water For The Well Being Of Our House-Turnkey Plumbing

We all know that the water covers 70% of the earth but only 1 % is available for use and we understand that we need to conserve it, Water conservation will not only help us to save water but also our homes and its foundation as well.The plumbing covers most of our house and any fault in the pipes may result in leaks that may be noticed or may go unnoticed which really ruins the beauty of the house and if unnoticed can lead to weak foundation. The need of turnkey plumbing arises here. With the start of construction the turnkey plumbing ensures that every fitting is in perfect order and its timely health checks ensures that every fitting remains in perfect condition.

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Smoke- world one of the reason of pollution and this is what we are giving to our generations…

Smoke- world one of the reason of pollution and this is what we are giving to our generations-Sanicon Energy Solution

Smoke- world one of the reason of pollution and this is what we are giving to our generations-Sanicon Energy Solution

Smoking is a widely acknowledged danger to human health. Tobacco smoke causes or exacerbates conditions including asthma, respiratory infections, and cancer. Its not only the smoker or the second hand smokers are adversely affected due to smoking but also the third hand smoking or the smokers who inhale the chemicals released after the smoker has smoked are equally in danger.

Think of a situation when you have walked into a restaurant or elevator or a closed room and smelled old cigarette smoke? While the last smoker may have left the room hours or even days ago, the lingering odors—resulting from noxious residue that clings to walls, carpets, furniture, or dust particles—are there to harm you. Now you are a third hand smoker.

Most of the smokers will agree that second hand smoking is dangerous so they don’t smoke when their kids are present. But if, for example, they stop smoking at 2 p.m. and the kids come home at 4 p.m., studies show that up to 60 percent of the harm from inhaling thirdhand smoke remains.

A study led by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found for the first time that thirdhand smoke—the noxious residue that clings to virtually all surfaces long after the second hand smoke from a cigarette has cleared out—causes significant genetic damage in human cells.

“This is the very first study to find that thirdhand smoke is mutagenic,” said Lara Gundel, a Berkeley Lab scientist and co-author of the study. “Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, some of the chemical compounds in thirdhand smoke, are among the most potent carcinogens there are. They stay on surfaces, and when those surfaces are clothing or carpets, the danger to children is especially serious.”

The 2010 studies from Berkeley Lab found that residual nicotine can react with ozone and nitrous acid—both common indoor air pollutants—to form hazardous agents. When nicotine in thirdhand smoke reacts with nitrous acid it undergoes a chemical transformation and forms carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines, such as NNA, NNK and NNN. Nicotine can react with ozone to form ultrafine particles, which can carry harmful chemicals and pass through human tissue. Humans can be exposed to thirdhand smoke through inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.

Thirdhand smoke is particularly insidious because it is extremely difficult to eradicate. Studies have found that it can still be detected in dust and surfaces of apartments more than two months after smokers moved out. Common cleaning methods such as vacuuming, wiping and ventilation have not proven effective in lowering nicotine contamination. “You can do some things to reduce the odors, but it’s very difficult to really clean it completely,” said Destaillats. “The best solution is to substitute materials, such as change the carpet, repaint.”

Now the new study suggests thirdhand smoke could become more harmful over time. To generate the samples, the researchers put paper strips in smoking chambers. The acute samples, generated at Berkeley Lab, were exposed to five cigarettes smoked in about 20 minutes, and the chronic samples, generated at UCSF, were exposed to cigarette smoke for 258 hours over 196 days. During that time, the chamber was also ventilated for about 35 hours.

The researchers found that the concentrations of more than half of the compounds studied were higher in the chronic samples than in the acute. They also found higher levels of DNA damage caused by the chronic samples. “The cumulative effect of thirdhand smoke is quite significant,” Gundel said. “The findings suggest the materials could be getting more toxic with time.”

Scientists are turning salt water into drinking water using solar power

By inexpensively turning salt water into drinking water using sustainable solar power, a team from MIT in the US has not only come up with a portable desalination system for use anywhere in the world that needs it, but it’s just won the 2015 Desal Prize – a competition run by USAID to encourage better solutions to water shortages in developing countries.

In order to win the $140,000 prize, entries had to demonstrate how their invention not only works well, but is cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and energy efficient. And the MIT researchers teamed up with US-based manufacturing company, Jain Irrigation Systems, to do just that.

The team’s invention works by using solar panels to charge a cache of batteries that power an electrodialysis machine that removes salt from the water and makes it perfectly drinkable. David L. Chandler explains for MIT News:

“Electrodialysis works by passing a stream of water between two electrodes with opposite charges. Because the salt dissolved in water consists of positive and negative ions, the electrodes pull the ions out of the water, Winter says, leaving fresher water at the centre of the flow. A series of membranes separate the freshwater stream from increasingly salty ones.”

Solar-powered desalination plants are nothing new, and officials are investigating potential in water-poor areas such as Chile and California right now, but the technology has so far been extremely expensive to both piece together and run. And this obviously makes it difficult for developing countries to adopt. The key to the MIT plant is the electrodialysis process, says Chandler, talking to one of the team, mechanical engineer Amos Winter:

“Both electrodialysis and reverse osmosis require the use of membranes, but those in an electrodialysis system are exposed to lower pressures and can be cleared of salt buildup simply by reversing the electrical polarity. That means the expensive membranes should last much longer and require less maintenance, Winter says.”

Chandler reports that the MIT system can turn 90 percent of the salt water that’s fed into it into drinking water, which is huge, compared to the 40 to 60 percent from reverse-osmosis systems.

The team has been testing their system out in several villages across India since 2014, and have been using the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility in the US to run 24-hour tests to analyse its efficiency and cost of maintenance. According to Mary Beth Griggs at Popular Science, in just 24 hours, their system can remove the salt from 2,100 gallons (7,950 litres).

They’re now hoping to expand their field tests to rural communities in developing countries, in the hopes that they can set them up as irrigation systems in small farms. “A solution with the potential to double recoverable water in an environment where water is becoming more precious by the day could have a huge impact,” environmental and civil engineer Susan Amrose from the University of California at Berkeley, who was not involved in the research, told MIT News.



Happy earth day!!

Make Everyday Earthday Sanicon Energy Solution

Make Everyday Earthday Sanicon Energy Solution

As the world is moving towards self sustainable energy conservation ideas for not only saving for self but also conserving and protecting the earth. This world day we at Sanicon keeps the spirits awakened and offers you H2zero a self sustainable building which neither imports a drop of water nor discharge any and  is designed to save and conserve the water which is the one of the key concern to save earth.


The design not only gives you a green self sustainable building but also conserves the water and make your contribution towards saving the earth. After all it’s the duty of everyone to work for saving earth and our generations.

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Here are five ways to celebrate World Water Day 2015 !!!!


Learn about poop water

First charcoal juice becomes a thing, and now poop water? Hey, Bill Gates drinks it—thanks to a new machine called the Omniprocessor that literally transforms waste into water through a steam engine. On his blog, Gates writes about drinking a “delicious” fresh glass of it and marvels at the possibilities to improve sanitation in low-income countries. “The processor wouldn’t just keep human waste out of the drinking water; it would turn waste into a commodity with real value in the marketplace,” Gates writes.

Take a break from meat

Showering and hydration are hardly your main uses of water—but food is. The average American uses 7,500 liters of water each day,according to the U.N. If you’re eating meat, your water usage shoots way up; a steak dinner for two requires 15,000 liters of water for the meat alone. Eating more meat and dairy has been the single greatest factor for water consumption in the past 30 years, says the group—so going vegetarian, even temporarily, can make a difference.

Wash your hands the right way

Only 5% of Americans do, according to a study of men using public restrooms. (If you need a refresher on proper technique, you should use soap and water and wash for at least 15 seconds.) Sounds gross—and it is a public health hazard, according to UNICEF, organizers ofGlobal Handwashing Day, another water-related holiday worth celebrating. “Handwashing with soap prevents disease in a more straightforward and cost-effective way than any single vaccine,” supporter UNICEF writes.

Support a future female farmer

Most of the world’s hungry are women, says the U.N.’s new report, and most don’t own land—or even have time to make an income, since 25% of their day is spent collecting drinking water. “With equal access to resources and knowledge, female farmers, who account for the majority of all subsistence farmers, could produce enough additional food to reduce the number of the world’s hungry by 150 million,” the report says. Investing in water and sanitation actually helps improve equality, which helps stimulate the economy—every dollar invested yields between $5-28, the UN estimates.

Give better water to the world

A new report from WaterAid America found that one in five babies born in the developing world dies during its first month of lifebecause of a lack of clean water. And 35% of facilities in middle- and lower-income countries didn’t have water and soap for hand-washing, another report from the World Health Organization found.



Careful Plumbing Structure Can Give Your House A Longer Life…

Turnkey Plumbing By sanicon Energy Solution

Turnkey Plumbing By Sanicon Energy Solution

Plumbing as it is generally taken is not only required to fix the leaks or modify the faucets or shower heads. It is far beyond what it looks like.

A good plumbing is needed right from the inception of the house. The design, the structure, the fittings and fixtures should be placed right, from the starting because even a single flaw in the fitting can lead to disasters which we could have never thought ofThe consequences of  serious flaws  or a leak in your plumbing can lead to bigger problems. Wood and drywall can rot, a mold problem may develop, and your home’s foundation could be compromised.

As it is truly said that:

Plumbing brings comfort and beauty into homes and lives. Kitchens and bathrooms not only serve functional purposes they provide the space for energy meals, soothing baths ,restorative relaxation and a careful structure to give your house a longer life, low maintenance cost, and life long comfort zone .

Sanicon Energy Solutions holds the expertise since last 15 years in turnkey plumbing and boasts on our in-house design and construction team who understands that no two houses have the similar plumbing requirements so they work keeping in mind the smallest of the things may it be pipe sizing, water heater sizing, drain water sizing, rain water harvesting pits, pump size as well as the synchronization of the entire system and to keep them intact for the life.