Getting tired of power bills? Use sun for your daily hot water needs

Getting tired of power bills use sun for your daily hot water needs

We are dependent of power supply for meeting our hot water demands. This also causes the inflated bills which one way or the other becomes a cause of our stress. The advancement in technology has brought the solution to this issue. We can use sun for this. So far we use sun for drying clothes, preparing pickles, cooking food and so on. But with the introduction of solar water heaters, we can now a continuous flow of hot water without depending totally on power supply. Sanicon energy solutions bring to your Rheem water heaters. These not only require very less maintenance, and when installed properly, they prove to be an asset to the owners who enjoy hot water supply round the year.


Save energy: Choose tankless Rheem water heaters

Save Energy Choose Tankless Rheem Water Heaters

When we turn on our water heater, most of the energy is wasted in heating the water that we may not use at that moment. Infact everytime we turn on the heater the entire water stored in the tank is heated whether we require it or not. This increases the pressure on our electricity bills. To overcome the situation, Sanicon energy solutions brings to you Rheem tankless water heaters. When you choose the right size of the heater you will get right quantity of hot water instantly and no energy is wasted. While you save on bills you enjoy instant hot water.  So it’s a win win situation to save energy , to save water and electricity bill and at the same time getting the luxurious feel of getting hot water instantly.

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Hot water or inflated power bills? Say goodbye to bills

Hot water or inflated power bills say good bye to bills

During winter the two electrical appliances that consumes the major portion of your electricity bills are the room heaters and second is the hot water heater. We cannot imagine using chilled water for daily activities but heavy bills bothers us a lot. This winter say goodbye to heavy electricity bills. Get the Rheem solar water heaters and enjoy long hours of hot water supply without extra burden on power. The Rheem solar water heaters are the us no 1 brand that is brought to you in india by Sanicon Energy Solutions. We give you expert advice in choosing the right water heater and some installation checklist so that you get the maximum of benefits without hassles. Now enjoy the hot showers or soak yourself in hot water tub and relax.

Uses of solar energy for commercial purpose

So far we have studied the benefits of solar energy at domestic level. The solar energy is equally beneficial to the commercial sector and they can have variety of uses for the same for the benefit of the business, society and the nation.

In commercial building:

Commercial Light

Let’s us start the discussion how the solar energy benefits the commercial buildings. The use of solar panels for generating power for meeting needs of the electricity demand and to safe the power bills will be the first thing that hits any mind. This is true as the commercial buildings require more power for consumption, the solar energy can benefit them the most.

Indoor lights:

The indoor lights can be another use of the solar energy in the commercial buildings. The buildings may require lights for 24 hours a day which require more power supply. The solar lights are not only economical but also environment friendly.

Outdoor lights:

Street Light

These lights not only meets the light requirement of the commercial buildings. But they can be used for the street lights where the entire society can be benefited without consuming electricity.

Solar water heater:

Commercial Solar Water Heater

For the commercial buildings which require hot water for the whole day, the commercial solar water heaters will be the best choice, they can meet the most of the hot water demand without using the electricity or gas and is obviously a greener option.

Swimming pools:

Swimming Pool

The swimming pools at the hotels or in other commercial buildings require hot water in bigger quantity. The solar pool heaters is a good choice to keep the temperature consistent and get the most of the sun in the friendly way.

Solar energy at power plants:

The turbines require energy sources to heat up the water and run the turbines to rotate and water to produce electricity. The solar panels can be the suitable choice for the activity so that the nonrenewable energy is not consumed in generation of more power.

For ventilation system:

Usually the fans are run for most of the time. They are also used to move the smell, moisture and bad air out of the building. This adds heavy amount to the power bills. The solar energy can also be used to run the fans at every corner of the building.

Uses of solar energy in remote areas:

Remote Building

Even today all the remote areas of the country are not connected with electricity. They still lack the power supply. The solar energy can be the best source of power in such areas. The energy is not dependent to the heights or the distance and can be used in numerous ways. The schools in such areas, the commercial building like clinics or the streets can be lit with the solar energy.

Solar cooker:

The solar cooker can be used in commercial buildings like restaurants or such places where the food is cooked on the daily basis. This is also beneficial in remote areas where the food is cooked on earthen stoves. The solar cooker is the best option to save the nonrenewable energy and protect the environment and people from the harmful gases that are generate during the cooking process.

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Importance of solar energy for the planet


Importance of solar energy for the planet

Importance of solar energy

Out of all the renewable energy options, solar energy holds the primary position. It is important for life on the planet. It not only benefits humans but the entire flora and fauna. The usage of solar energy is known to mankind since primitive ages. Over the period of time, we have enhanced our capabilities to harness this energy in more efficient manner.

The historical value:

The value of sun is known since even prior to the discovery of fire. Sun was the only source of light and heat. The hunters were dependent on solar energy for their prey. Gradually, they learnt to use the solar energy for various purposes. The sun was actually worshipped for its benefits.

Modern times:

Today we are dependent on solar energy for many reasons. May it be growing food, getting heat or using various technological innovations for our ease, every this is relying on solar energy.

Benefit to nature:

Benefit to nature

Benefit to nature

Solar energy is needed by the plant to generate their food and in turn release oxygen which is important for humans and animals. The plants in turn also gives us food for our survival and for every other living being. The solar energy is responsible for winds which is also the source of renewable energy. Even humans need solar energy to produce Vitamins D in their bodies for stronger bones.

Benefit to mankind:

Helps to meet increasing demand for power:

With the increase in population and technology the demand for fuel is increasing. The demand is fulfilled with fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources like oil, natural gas and petroleum but these are depleting. These sources are also harmful to the nature and environment. The solar energy is a renewable option which can be used to meet the demand for power to meet the needs of light, heat even hot water without harming the nature. 

Financial benefits:

The use of solar energy has the financial benefits as well. When the independent equipment is installed to meet the demand for power supply, the cost incurred to purchase from the government is eliminated. Even if the equipment may cost a bit higher at the initial phase but the continuous use of the same will return the cost incurred in term of savings done.

Clean energy:

The solar energy is the cleaner option against fossil fuels. To nonrenewable sources like oil, gas, petroleum, the land and water needs to be dwelled which harms the nature. Also, it generate massive pollution in the environment which harms the air, water and the food we eat. They also harm the flora and fauna.

Dependable source:

Solar energy is considered as the dependable source of energy as it will be there till the time the sun is shining. Today, the sun’s radiation is captured in the batteries and used when the sun’s not shining thus getting benefit of the same round the year and round the clock.

Is versatile:

Solar products

Solar products

Solar energy is versatile in terms of its uses, one can use it in the form of solar cooker, solar water heater, solar lights, watches, commercial buildings, domestic use, cars etc.

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Get the best from your Rheem solar water heater

Rheem solar water heater

Rheem solar water heater

When you opt for Rheem solar water heaters, the single main aim is to get continuous hot water with reduced the maximum from the same to get the controlled electricity energy bills and continuous hot water. Obviously, this is the reason why they are installed what they are meant for. While getting one installed at your house you can keep certain factors in mind to get the most out of your Rheem solar water heater.




The orientation of the Rheem solar water heater does affect its proper working. It is advisable to place the solar water heater towards shadow free south facing for northern hemisphere and shadow free north facing for southern hemisphere. The other conditions like weather, location and shade also does affects it’s working.




To get the most of the Rheem solar water heater, the tilt angle of the solar collector is also considered. The best is to place the collector at the angle of the latitude the building is in. Here the angle of the roof does matter.




The pipelines connections needs to be insulated properly. The insulation also needs to be protected against UV and weathering so as to enhance the life of the insulation and to avoid the costs of re insulting pipelines on periodical basis. If the Rheem solar water heater is insulated properly the heat from the water will not escape smoothly. Usually, there is a loss of  heat is escaped while the water is delivered from Solar Water to the faucets or shower. moves down the pipes to the faucet. To get the best performance of the solar water heater, the pipes must be covered with the insulation covering.  The well insulated pipelines will ensure that you get the best of the water temperature whenever you turn your faucet on.

Convection heat:

Convection heat

Convection heat

If the glass covering of the solar collector is thin then it at cause heat loss. The thicker glass panel or toughened glass will be the best option for you to choose. The glazing on the glass panel will also ensure that the heat is not lost from the solar collector when the wind is blowing.


The shade of the nearby building or the tree falling on the solar collector does affect the performance of the solar collector. The collector may not receive the full solar energy to heat up the water at the desired temperature. Also if the shade is prominent at the peak hours of the day then you may not get the best of the performance. The best location to place the solar collector is at the place where the shade does not fall.

The above combination and well planned installation will ensure that your get the best of the performance of the Rheem solar water heater and enjoy the continuous flow of hot water whenever you need it the with the reduced power bills for longer life.

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Solar Energy


Energy derived from heat and radiation of the sun is known as solar energy. This energy is the most common source of energy since traditions and is freely available. With the advancement in the technology, this source is explored to generate other uses to benefit the society.

Advantages of solar energy

There are plenty of reasons that supports the use of solar energy. Here given below are some advantages to look upon.

Solar energy is abundant      

Sunlight is abundant

The solar energy is abundant. At any given point of the day the sun’s radiation is available. Sunlight is everywhere and this source of energy is inexhaustible until sun vanishes. Even if it is a cloudy day the we receive the sun’s radiation therefore it can be used as a renewable source of energy.

Sunlight is free

Being the natural resource of energy, you don’t pay for it. Of course if you are installing any equipment to harness the solar energy, the initial cost of the equipment and its installation is an investment but will benefit you in long run as the power bill reduces.

Pollution free

It is termed as non polluting source of energy because it do not emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide. It is also used as an alternative source of energy for coal, gas, petroleum that harms the environment. The panels and other equipment’s used to harness the solar energy do not produce noise or smell.

Solar energy is available at every corner of the world

Sunlight at every corner of the world

No matter how remote is the area and how inaccessible it is, the sun still shines there. The option of generating power from sun is always available in such places.

Low maintenance cost of solar equipment

Once the solar equipments are placed, the cost incurred in their maintenance is very low. The initial cost is incurred at the time of installing the solar equipments but does not comes with recurring cost.

Benefits home and business:

Benefits Business

Benefits home

Solar energy can be deployed by homes and business users as it do not require huge set ups like wind or geothermal energy.

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