Uses of solar energy for commercial purpose

So far we have studied the benefits of solar energy at domestic level. The solar energy is equally beneficial to the commercial sector and they can have variety of uses for the same for the benefit of the business, society and the nation.

In commercial building:

Commercial Light

Let’s us start the discussion how the solar energy benefits the commercial buildings. The use of solar panels for generating power for meeting needs of the electricity demand and to safe the power bills will be the first thing that hits any mind. This is true as the commercial buildings require more power for consumption, the solar energy can benefit them the most.

Indoor lights:

The indoor lights can be another use of the solar energy in the commercial buildings. The buildings may require lights for 24 hours a day which require more power supply. The solar lights are not only economical but also environment friendly.

Outdoor lights:

Street Light

These lights not only meets the light requirement of the commercial buildings. But they can be used for the street lights where the entire society can be benefited without consuming electricity.

Solar water heater:

Commercial Solar Water Heater

For the commercial buildings which require hot water for the whole day, the commercial solar water heaters will be the best choice, they can meet the most of the hot water demand without using the electricity or gas and is obviously a greener option.

Swimming pools:

Swimming Pool

The swimming pools at the hotels or in other commercial buildings require hot water in bigger quantity. The solar pool heaters is a good choice to keep the temperature consistent and get the most of the sun in the friendly way.

Solar energy at power plants:

The turbines require energy sources to heat up the water and run the turbines to rotate and water to produce electricity. The solar panels can be the suitable choice for the activity so that the nonrenewable energy is not consumed in generation of more power.

For ventilation system:

Usually the fans are run for most of the time. They are also used to move the smell, moisture and bad air out of the building. This adds heavy amount to the power bills. The solar energy can also be used to run the fans at every corner of the building.

Uses of solar energy in remote areas:

Remote Building

Even today all the remote areas of the country are not connected with electricity. They still lack the power supply. The solar energy can be the best source of power in such areas. The energy is not dependent to the heights or the distance and can be used in numerous ways. The schools in such areas, the commercial building like clinics or the streets can be lit with the solar energy.

Solar cooker:

The solar cooker can be used in commercial buildings like restaurants or such places where the food is cooked on the daily basis. This is also beneficial in remote areas where the food is cooked on earthen stoves. The solar cooker is the best option to save the nonrenewable energy and protect the environment and people from the harmful gases that are generate during the cooking process.

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Importance of solar energy for the planet


Importance of solar energy for the planet

Importance of solar energy

Out of all the renewable energy options, solar energy holds the primary position. It is important for life on the planet. It not only benefits humans but the entire flora and fauna. The usage of solar energy is known to mankind since primitive ages. Over the period of time, we have enhanced our capabilities to harness this energy in more efficient manner.

The historical value:

The value of sun is known since even prior to the discovery of fire. Sun was the only source of light and heat. The hunters were dependent on solar energy for their prey. Gradually, they learnt to use the solar energy for various purposes. The sun was actually worshipped for its benefits.

Modern times:

Today we are dependent on solar energy for many reasons. May it be growing food, getting heat or using various technological innovations for our ease, every this is relying on solar energy.

Benefit to nature:

Benefit to nature

Benefit to nature

Solar energy is needed by the plant to generate their food and in turn release oxygen which is important for humans and animals. The plants in turn also gives us food for our survival and for every other living being. The solar energy is responsible for winds which is also the source of renewable energy. Even humans need solar energy to produce Vitamins D in their bodies for stronger bones.

Benefit to mankind:

Helps to meet increasing demand for power:

With the increase in population and technology the demand for fuel is increasing. The demand is fulfilled with fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources like oil, natural gas and petroleum but these are depleting. These sources are also harmful to the nature and environment. The solar energy is a renewable option which can be used to meet the demand for power to meet the needs of light, heat even hot water without harming the nature. 

Financial benefits:

The use of solar energy has the financial benefits as well. When the independent equipment is installed to meet the demand for power supply, the cost incurred to purchase from the government is eliminated. Even if the equipment may cost a bit higher at the initial phase but the continuous use of the same will return the cost incurred in term of savings done.

Clean energy:

The solar energy is the cleaner option against fossil fuels. To nonrenewable sources like oil, gas, petroleum, the land and water needs to be dwelled which harms the nature. Also, it generate massive pollution in the environment which harms the air, water and the food we eat. They also harm the flora and fauna.

Dependable source:

Solar energy is considered as the dependable source of energy as it will be there till the time the sun is shining. Today, the sun’s radiation is captured in the batteries and used when the sun’s not shining thus getting benefit of the same round the year and round the clock.

Is versatile:

Solar products

Solar products

Solar energy is versatile in terms of its uses, one can use it in the form of solar cooker, solar water heater, solar lights, watches, commercial buildings, domestic use, cars etc.

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India gets its first solar-powered village in Bengal

It was celebration time for the people of Pandri, a village in the Purulia district of West Bengal, illuminated with lightening after years of hassle. The excitement doubled when the village was installed with first solar-powered electricity and also became the first in the country to evolve as a decentralized solar power village.

Like most of rural India, Pandri village, located at the foot of Ayodhya hills, always waited for its share of power supply. The installation has come as a boon to over 80 households, who were earlier heavily dependent on firewood.

“Kerosene is sold at Rs 40 per litre in the market. Now the money will be saved, thanks to the solar lamps. We are really grateful to the solar aid,” said Kasinath Mahata, one of the villagers.

Delivered by the Art of Living, a non-profit organization in Bengal, under the Sri Sri Rural Development Program Trust (SSRDPT), the eco-friendly device has over 72 solar panels covering an area of approximately 2,000 square feet and drawing power from the 1.2 kilo watt solar power grid built in the region.

“Purulia faces severe water scarcity problems. We have installed a solar pump by the dam for easy distribution of water to fields. We have provided solar lamps and fans to 80 households in this village,” said Pallab Halder, a member of the organization.

“This village was chosen  amongst others because  it has the advantage of    a dam which does not      dry during the    summers. We  can easily  distribute  water to the  villagers  using the  pumps, which  would  also now allow  them to  farm 2-3 times  a year.  We will advise  the  villagers to farm  different types of  vegetables as well as engage in floriculture,” said Subhra Roy, SSRDPT director (East).

Cooking has become easier without having to worry about the fuel with the installation of a solar power-run rice hulling machine.

“We have also installed a solar rice hauling machine with which the villagers can break the raw grains to make rice,” Pallab Halder said.

Also, the installation of a 5 HP water pump attached to the nearby dam has made farming more convenient.

“Due to lack of proper irrigational facilities, we couldn’t farm more than once a year. But now, we can increase it to 2-3 times a year. With more farming we will receive more revenue,” said Sambhu Gatwar, a farmer.

“With the solar lamps, it has become easier for us to cook. Our children can wake up at 3 in the morning and study. Also, there is greater availability of drinking water due to the solar pump at the dam,” said Gulachi Rajwar, a housewife.

Executing the plan was a task for the villagers and NGO representatives. Installing a 1.5 kilometre long wire for 72 solar panels was back breaking.

Meanwhile, the solar panel will not only reduce the daily problems of the villagers but will also minimize environmental hazards. The eco-friendly measure is seen as a move to end deforestation, simultaneously cutting down on green house gas emissions.

“The provision of lamps and fans in each household means poisonous gas emission from wood or kerosene will be omitted, thereby relieving women of the smoke hazards. They are receiving clean energy. The rice hauling machine allows them to remove the husk from the raw rice grains. This also helps from the perspective of entrepreneurship,” Subhra Roy said.

The solar panel however comes at a cost. Villagers are required to pay Rs 100 as monthly revenue to ensure its proper maintenance. Self-help groups have been formed to manage the solar lighting, water pump and the rice hulling machine.


Excellent Uses of Solar Energy In Our Day To Day Life..

Solar energy is the most commonly used source of renewable energy that can be used by individual at homes and buildings or on large scale by government for electricity generation for masses.

Let us see what are the products available that uses solar energy and how we can get benefit from them

Solar water heater:

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

You can heat water using the solar energy. Solar water heaters are designed to heat water from taking sun’s radiation to heat the water for homes, swimming pools, commercial buildings. The solar water heater uses radiation from the sun to heat the water. They are capable of heating the water in winters and helps to reduce the electricity bill that is increased due to use of water heaters.

Solar cooker:

Solar Cooker

You can cook your food with the solar energy. You must have used solar energy to make pickles, papads, dry spices or other food stuff but use of solar cooker can help you save the LPG consumption by cooking day to day food. They are easy to build and can not only cook the food quickly but will also act as learning fun for the children. They can be the best mates in the trips, camps or outings where you can cook fresh food without harming the nature.

Solar panels:

Solar Panel for residential use

Get the house or any building powered by the solar panels and get the reduction in electricity bills. The power generated from the solar panel is transferred to the inverter which generates the power to run your home. You can use the same for shed, warehouse, home, commercial building or any building.

Solar panels for commercial use

Even the solar panels are used by government on large scale to generate electricity for the mass consumption. This is a reliable source and environment friendly option for electricity. The government are working on plans to use the same on huge scale.

Solar lights:

Solar Light for indoor

An environmental friendly option for the CFL or LED is the solar lights. These lights run on solar energy during the day and take power from batteries during the night. These lights or set of lights can be best used indoors to lit up the rooms, the garden area and pavement area around the entrance, passage area of the building, parking, or even at large scale to lit up the roads or highways all for free. After the initial cost of installation the light will be free of cost and can help to save extra bucks from the electricity bills. And using the same for highways and streetlights, government can save on electricity which can be used to fulfil the public demand of power especially at peak time

Solar batteries:

Solar Battery

Solar Battery for phone
We must have used solar charged calculators in our daily life- the ones with a the solar chip in the corner,  but solar powered batteries are the new inventions that can help you to charge your phone from these batteries. In fact you can charge any of your household equipment which needs battery charging may it be your laptop, camera, gaming console and even you  can use the same for your invert-er. Although it is a not so common item seen in every hand, but worth keeping your frustration away that is due to battery discharge at the time of need.