3 plumbing issues in the new house that can take our nerves.


Inspection For Plumbing Issues

Inspection For Plumbing Issues

As we move into our newly constructed house, everything looks so fresh and clean. The new paint, furniture, latest appliances, shining bathrooms and organised kitchens; everything moves our heart. The least we expect at this moment is the issues cropping up in electrical or plumbing fittings that not only takes our nerves but gives a hole in our pockets.

These issues are backed by numerous factors- inexperienced builders, second rate quality material or only carelessness in the interest of the builder. The foremost reason for the issues in the plumbing system is the low quality material of fittings and installation. These issues are not noticed in the first instance as they take place in the hidden parts. Behind the walls, under the floor or down near the foundation. These may be leaks, water pressure issues or improper installation.

Before you take the charge of the home from the contractor it is advisable to keep a regular check on the work in progress and keep a vigilant eye on the material used. Agreed, you may not be experienced to identify the quality of the material, take an expert advice. Discuss it with your plumbing contractor and if you find the issue with the material it is advisable to get it replaced instead of penalising yourself at the later stage.

Once the house is ready and you are ready to move in here are some checks you need to do before final decision


Leakage Issues In The House

Leakage Issues In The House

It is not necessary that the moment you open the faucet you will find the leak. Keep the water running to see if there is any issue at the the joints that needs attention. You need to check for the probable locations like near the foundation, showers, sinks tahr tubs and the lines.

In most cases, leaks can occur around threaded joints, but can also occur in glued joints. A plumber can fix the joints with a standard plumbing tools to ensure they are tight and not leaking. Any leaks in the glued joints has to be dealt in a different way. The pipe will have to be replaced with a new one.

Check for the issues of water pressure as well. Too much or too slow water pressure from the taps are also the reasons of improper fittings and needs attention.

Fixtures and fittings:

The next you have to check the quality of the fixtures and the fittings. It is possible that a faucet or a knob wasn’t tightened properly during installation or may be the fixture is tightened too much, causing the damage.

Drainage venting:

Drainage Venting

Drainage Venting

The next thing that needs attention is the right installation of the drainage venting. The purpose of venting is to remove all sewage from the building through designated pipes and to give exit to the air trapped between the foul water. Often, the failure of this leads to bad smells in and around the sanitation facilities.

It is always better to take precautions than being sorry. The small check during the construction and before moving in will help to overrule the issues you may face soon after you move in. Once you start to live there the regular checks and maintenance will keep the house new and healthy.


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