Reduce, reuse and recycle- what does it mean in terms of water

Reduce, reuse and recycle- what does it mean in terms of water

Most of the sustainable or green movements focus on three R’s. That is reduce, reuse and recycle. In general terms, it means to minimize the wastage, reuse the available resources to the maximum and recycle the waste. These three R’s are equally important in term of water. In today’s scenario, where water is becoming the global concern and the world sees the drought in the near future. In fact some places are facing the drought situations, it is very important for us to follow the path of three R’s in the wellbeing of our planet and our generations. Following in this post we will understand each R in term and its importance and how we can achieve the same.



This means that we should reduce the usage to the minimum. Well, we cannot stop the necessary use of water but the wastage of the same can be eliminated. We tend to waste water in many ways: may be in over flushing, long hours of the bath, running it down the drains while filling buckets or simply leaving the taps open while we are busy doing some other activity. These are some very generic scenarios which we do in our day today lives. This wastage can be easily eliminated. The water is available in abundance on planet but the irony is that only 0.3% of the water is available for use. Now, if we waste this water and thus rendering it unusable then we are simply pushing ourselves towards the drought situations. The reduction in wastage is the mantra for sustainability.



Another mantra in the three R’s is reuse. This term is very interesting. So far we have tried to reuse our waste to make some good stuff out of them like bottles converted into lamp shades or vases, or newspapers converted into carry bags and so on. But here we are talking about reusing water. How can we reuse water? This may hit our minds because once used, it goes down the drains. Here lies the key area. Instead of letting the used water go down the drains we can direct them for reuse. The used water from bath, laundry or sinks is known as greywater. This can be treated at different levels for removing chemicals from them and can be used again. The water from the sink or bath can be used for mopping, car washing, irrigation of plants, and other non-potable activities. This will decrease the pressure from the fresh water that is used in these activities.



This is equally important for the survival of the planet. To give back nature what we take from it. The simple rule is give and take. Nature gives us what we need for our survival. It is equally important for us to give it back what it needs. The rainwater which is the source of fresh water is drained down the sewer lines making it unusable. This rainwater can be harvested to balance the underground tables to combat drought situations. The farms and gardens can be irrigated from the same and it can also be used for non-potable activities of our daily routines. It is true that if everyone follows that path of three R’s in every aspect that definitely we can overcome the critical situations which the world is facing or will face in the future and can also give our generations that path of sustainability.


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