3 Steps To Check Slow Leaks in Your Home

crack in pipe

You must have noticed the paint on the wall behind your washroom chipping out or the area under the sink continuously wet even if it is not used for hours. Well, these are the signs of slow leaks. We generally ignore these minor leaks, but repent when the issue become unmanageable. The slow leaks may seem very small but can lead to major repairs and cost to the home owners. Let us read further how to identify these leaks and their probable areas.

Slow leaks usually go unnoticed but accounts for major damages to the building. A continuous leak from the pipe within the wall will lead to seepage in wall and results in deteriorating the wall paint and plaster thus incurring extra cost in its maintenance. It is very difficult to check these slow leaks as they are too small to be seen with a bird’s view. Let us have a look together on how to identify the slow leaks in the home.

Toilet leaks:

Toilet leaks

The minor crack in the pipe or the toilet bowl is usually left unnoticed or ignored. To identify the same, check whether the place near the toilet bowl or pipe fitting is continuously wet even when the water is not in use then surely there is a leak.(Keep your home safe with these plumbing checks) Go through the entire fitting where you have seen the water see the exact location of the crack.

Seepage in walls:

Seepage in wall

Probably the pipeline behind the wall is having the crack due to which the water is seeping in the wall. Check the wall from both sides to locate the pipe. For example, a showerhead with the minor crack in the pipe on one side of the wall can result in the spoiled wall on the other side. If you are still not able to locate the exact location then probably you have to call the plumber to get the entire place inspected to get the location of crack and its repair.

Check the taps and shower heads

Check the taps and shower heads

A slow leak near the fitting area of the tap or shower head can also contribute to the issue. You may be hearing continuous dripping sound in your kitchen or washroom or continuous wet place even if the area was not used for hours.

The slow leaks may seem to be a minor issue but can lead to disasters. All you need is a smart vigilant eye for avoiding leaks and cost of repair.

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