5 plumbing checks for healthier homes and healthier pipes

You get your house made with love and care and wish to remain like that for years. Plumbing is that part of the house that if ignored can ruin the house. Its is important to keep a check in the plumbing may it be leaks, sewer, drains, joints, hose etc. A regular maintenance and plumbing checks can help you to save burden on your pocket and the beauty of your house.

Water moves slowly from the drains:

Water moves slowly from the drains

As already discussed this topic a regular plumbing check is very important for the healthy house. At times, cleaning of the drain with chemicals will work but keep a watch as chemicals may do more harm than good. A regular maintenance of the drains will curb the problem at the starting.

Leaking faucets:

Leaking faucets

The leaking taps are usually fixed by screwing it tighter, but if it doesn’t work then it requires attention. A continuous water flow will not only waste the water but may also corrode the fittings.

Leaks in the toilets:

Leaks in the toilets

The leaking toilet is often undiagnosed or ignored. A leaking flush tank or flapper or leaking base may invite big troubles if not checked at the beginning. It is advisable to get a regular plumbing check and maintenance done before the problem becomes unmanageable.

Stop valves: Stop valves

Every fitting of the house has a stop valve at the inlet point. This is very important when you see a leak in the inlet pipe. Then regular turning off and on will ensure its smooth working at the time of need and its regular maintenance will help to control future unpredicted leaks.

Leaks from you water heater:

A leaks from you water heater

Water heaters are usually needed in winters and it is advisable to get service done before you put it off after winters and before you switch it on at the onset of its use. Check for any water storage without using the tanks to avoid corrosion and leaks.

Simple measures  and regular plumbing checks can actually help  let the situation under control before it takes a bad turn.


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