5 Important Aspects of Green Plumbing

5 Important aspects of green plumbing

As more and more people are focusing towards reducing their carbon mark on the planet and environment, everything is now focusing on green living. The term green means to save, reutilize and minimize wastage. Other than use of solar energy, the new concept that is now in the homes is green plumbing. Green plumbing holds the same meaning as of the term green living- to lessen water use, reuse water that has as of now been utilized and utilize maintainable materials .Green plumbing is one of the least complex approaches to save money and restore the well being of our planet.

Fixing leaks

fixing leaks

Plumbing leaks are the most common issue faced in nearly every home. The slightest of the leaks can result in heavy wastages. The most imperative steps you can take to save water utilization in your house is to discover any leaks in your plumbing framework, including pipes, spigots, and toilets. These leaks can be created by old pipes, shattered toilet flappers, dripping fixtures, spilling valves – the list goes on forever.

Low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads

Low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads

Low-flow toilets are another incredible green plumbing alternative. The establishment of a low-flow shower head, a low-flow toilet or a double flush can all be endeavors toward using the ideas of green plumbing in the normal house.  The low rise shower heads can also be the good option for green living.

Tankless and solar water heater

Tankless and solar water heater  tankless water heater

Conventional water heaters store water in the tank which is heated continually to maintain the temperature. Even if the water is not needed, still it is heated which results in loss of energy and extra expenditure on the pockets of the owners. The tankless models of the water heart are the better choices which are intended to heat the water only on demand.

The other option of getting the hot water is installing solar water heater. It uses solar energy to heat the water which is a greener option to get hot water. The simple installation of the solar water heater not only gives the continuous hot water supply, but also help to save energy bills.

 Greywater management

grey water management

Grey water is the water which is once used for bath, laundry or bathroom sink. This water can be utilized to further non potable use like for watering the garden, mopping the floor, flushing washing the cars. The recycling of this water is the ecological option of sound plumbing. The simple change in plumbing to direct this water from sink to flush, or from laundry to garden, can not only save the fresh water, but also save the nature from wastage.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Another option that goes with green plumbing is option for rainwater harvesting for collecting rainwater for domestic use. This not only minimizes the demand for tap water but is also a greener option for generating the water. The simple plumbing is done to collect water from the rooftop of concrete pavement and he water is collected and moved in the building for further use.

These are not only greener plumbing option for saving on power bills but also a step together in saving the planet.

We at Sanicon Energy solutions are dedicated to be the part of your endeavor in opting greener plumbing. We have the team of trained experts who not only can guide you with suitable options but can also carry out the entire project efficiently.


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