What causes smell and sound from your plumbing

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You would have noticed some unusual sounds or odour in your house which gives you sense of anxiety that something is not right. Well, it might be true. These smells or odours are the alarms that something worst is about to happen. However with timely precautions and action majority of the incidents could be controlled if alerts are taken seriously and dealt accordingly.
Identifying these do not need much technical intervention, just avoiding them or moving on with the issues can lead to big losses. Below are few things in each group which you can watch for.


These are some unusual sounds from the plumbing which you can easily find with your ears

Running water

The easily identified sound that tells you that something is leaking even no faucet is in use. These requires urgent attention to avoid situations of bigger disasters


dripping tap

A small drips from the showers or the faucets are easily identified and more easily ignored. But if you want your home healthy, then these needs quick action before they become worse to handle

Water hammer

This is the thump in the piping when the faucet or valve is shut off rudely. These may be avoided by installing air chamber in the wall of the supply pipe. But if you find this sound due to outside plumbing or due to neighbouring house then this requires experienced intervention for corrective action to safeguard wear and tear of the pipes


This happens due to lose pipes or worn-out washers.


When the water pressure is higher than the capacity of the pipeline then you may hear such sounds.


These are the good indicators to tell you that something is not right in the plumbing. You can smell the unusual smells inside your homes which do not need technical knowledge.

Smell from the P trap

P- Trap

If you notice that the sewer smell is coming from one of your drains then probably this is due to the dry P trap. Usually this smell occurs when the drain is not in use for the longer duration.

Smell from the sewer line

If you notice that the smell is from the nearly all the drains of the house or at single drain that open in the municipal sewer line then probably there is a breakage or the blockage in the sewer line. This is usually accompanied with drain clog and gurgling sounds. It accounts for major repair and needs prompt action

Smell from the vents

If the air vents of the pipes are clogged due to nests, debris, or any other probable reason, then they may block the sewer smell from moving out of the house and make it flow down your drains, this needs quick cleaning with the help of the experienced plumber.

Mold smell:


Small leaks down in the walls may lead to molds in the walls. Check for the probable place of the leaks and any visible signs of the moisture around the walls.

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