Importance of strainers on the drains


You must have come across the situation when suddenly your soap slips down the drain or you accidently lost your ring down the drain or the junk that has moved down the drain has clogged it which has made you rush for the emergency plumbing services at the odd hours of the day. The simple solution that could have avoided all of such type of situations is the use of strainers on the drains. In this post we will see how we can get the benefit of the strainers at different drains of your home.

In Kitchen:

strainer in kitchen

In the kitchen most of the food waste moves down the drain may it by soluble of hard stuff like bones or vegetable and fruit peels. This can cause serious water clogging issue and you may have to get the drains cleaned on regular basis. The use of strainers on the kitchen sink can avoid the solid waste from moving down the drain and can be collected from the top of the strainer to avoid clogs and at times severe plumbing maintenances. The movement of the pests like cockroaches from the kitchen drain can also be measured by using the strainer as they will not be able to move up to your home from the small holes of the strainer keeping your home pest free.

At bathroom sinks:

bathroom strainer in sink

To avoid the situations of blocking the drains from the hair, floss or even accidental dropping of your jewellery like rings and earrings down the drain the strainers on the sink drain can be of belter help. This can also save the clogging of the sink drain that may arise due to blocking of solid waste down through it.

At shower and tub area:

shower strainers

It usually happens that while bathing the soap gets slipped off the hands and move down the drain before we could action to grab it. Or the hair fall while washing hair blocks the drain and stops the flow of water down the drain. This may require plumbing maintenance. To overcome such scenarios the strainers can be the best rescuer. The hair and even the soap can be stopped from flowing down and the unnecessary maintenance can be avoided by a simple and not so expensive strainer- reasonable than getting into plumbing affair at the odd hours.

The severe situation of clogged drains and regular maintenance can be avoided by using the strainers on the drains and a regular check on the leaks can be checked by using the tissue on the strainer to ensure that it is dry or if there is a leak which can be checked before it becomes a serious plumbing affair.

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