Policy to promote investment in renewable energy on anvil

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government is working on a model policy for creating an enabling environment for both prospective renewable energy investors and farmers who sell or lease their land to harness renewable power in the state.

At the inaugural session on `Karnataka Renewable Energy – Opportunities & Challenges’ here on Wednesday , energy minister DK Shiva Kumar said while investors are worried about getting land to set up renewable energy projects, armers are worried about losing land and this hampers in vestments in renewable power. “The new policy would be a win-win situation for both and I’m sure it would be a model for the country,” Kumar added, Kumar said the inspiration for the policy came following the successful launch of work on the 2000 MW solar park at Pavagada in Tumakuru district, said to be the world biggest. The farmers here have volunteered to give up their land on lease after the government decided to earmark 300 MW for them by encouraging them to set up small plants with a capacity of 1MW to 3MW on their land.

Good news for farmers: Farmers would also be given the option of forming a group and leasing their land to solar power developers through the government for setting up solar farms. The government would not only protect the land ownership of such farmers, but also ensure they get grants through cheques, he said.

Similarly, the process of converting the land-use pattern would be simplified for solar plant developers by providing a deemed conversion facility soon after they buy the land. Deputy commissioners of districts will be given powers to grant deemed conversion if solar plants are in the range of 50-100 acres. Also, he said the government plans to come up with revised a policy to encourage individuals and companies to set up grid-connected rooftop solar units and promote wind energy.

One thought on “Policy to promote investment in renewable energy on anvil

  1. The policy to promote Solar Plant generation to the farmers in Karnataka is really appreciable. Those Farmers who are ready to give land for the Government for solar projects are really intelligent and they must be provided the benefits of the scheme under rules. The future of The Solar Challenge is good if such schemes are appreciated by the masses through out the Country.
    -deoki Nandan,Consultant, MTCPL


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