Importance of solar energy for the planet


Importance of solar energy for the planet

Importance of solar energy

Out of all the renewable energy options, solar energy holds the primary position. It is important for life on the planet. It not only benefits humans but the entire flora and fauna. The usage of solar energy is known to mankind since primitive ages. Over the period of time, we have enhanced our capabilities to harness this energy in more efficient manner.

The historical value:

The value of sun is known since even prior to the discovery of fire. Sun was the only source of light and heat. The hunters were dependent on solar energy for their prey. Gradually, they learnt to use the solar energy for various purposes. The sun was actually worshipped for its benefits.

Modern times:

Today we are dependent on solar energy for many reasons. May it be growing food, getting heat or using various technological innovations for our ease, every this is relying on solar energy.

Benefit to nature:

Benefit to nature

Benefit to nature

Solar energy is needed by the plant to generate their food and in turn release oxygen which is important for humans and animals. The plants in turn also gives us food for our survival and for every other living being. The solar energy is responsible for winds which is also the source of renewable energy. Even humans need solar energy to produce Vitamins D in their bodies for stronger bones.

Benefit to mankind:

Helps to meet increasing demand for power:

With the increase in population and technology the demand for fuel is increasing. The demand is fulfilled with fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources like oil, natural gas and petroleum but these are depleting. These sources are also harmful to the nature and environment. The solar energy is a renewable option which can be used to meet the demand for power to meet the needs of light, heat even hot water without harming the nature. 

Financial benefits:

The use of solar energy has the financial benefits as well. When the independent equipment is installed to meet the demand for power supply, the cost incurred to purchase from the government is eliminated. Even if the equipment may cost a bit higher at the initial phase but the continuous use of the same will return the cost incurred in term of savings done.

Clean energy:

The solar energy is the cleaner option against fossil fuels. To nonrenewable sources like oil, gas, petroleum, the land and water needs to be dwelled which harms the nature. Also, it generate massive pollution in the environment which harms the air, water and the food we eat. They also harm the flora and fauna.

Dependable source:

Solar energy is considered as the dependable source of energy as it will be there till the time the sun is shining. Today, the sun’s radiation is captured in the batteries and used when the sun’s not shining thus getting benefit of the same round the year and round the clock.

Is versatile:

Solar products

Solar products

Solar energy is versatile in terms of its uses, one can use it in the form of solar cooker, solar water heater, solar lights, watches, commercial buildings, domestic use, cars etc.

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