Get the best from your Rheem solar water heater

Rheem solar water heater

Rheem solar water heater

When you opt for Rheem solar water heaters, the single main aim is to get continuous hot water with reduced the maximum from the same to get the controlled electricity energy bills and continuous hot water. Obviously, this is the reason why they are installed what they are meant for. While getting one installed at your house you can keep certain factors in mind to get the most out of your Rheem solar water heater.




The orientation of the Rheem solar water heater does affect its proper working. It is advisable to place the solar water heater towards shadow free south facing for northern hemisphere and shadow free north facing for southern hemisphere. The other conditions like weather, location and shade also does affects it’s working.




To get the most of the Rheem solar water heater, the tilt angle of the solar collector is also considered. The best is to place the collector at the angle of the latitude the building is in. Here the angle of the roof does matter.




The pipelines connections needs to be insulated properly. The insulation also needs to be protected against UV and weathering so as to enhance the life of the insulation and to avoid the costs of re insulting pipelines on periodical basis. If the Rheem solar water heater is insulated properly the heat from the water will not escape smoothly. Usually, there is a loss of  heat is escaped while the water is delivered from Solar Water to the faucets or shower. moves down the pipes to the faucet. To get the best performance of the solar water heater, the pipes must be covered with the insulation covering.  The well insulated pipelines will ensure that you get the best of the water temperature whenever you turn your faucet on.

Convection heat:

Convection heat

Convection heat

If the glass covering of the solar collector is thin then it at cause heat loss. The thicker glass panel or toughened glass will be the best option for you to choose. The glazing on the glass panel will also ensure that the heat is not lost from the solar collector when the wind is blowing.


The shade of the nearby building or the tree falling on the solar collector does affect the performance of the solar collector. The collector may not receive the full solar energy to heat up the water at the desired temperature. Also if the shade is prominent at the peak hours of the day then you may not get the best of the performance. The best location to place the solar collector is at the place where the shade does not fall.

The above combination and well planned installation will ensure that your get the best of the performance of the Rheem solar water heater and enjoy the continuous flow of hot water whenever you need it the with the reduced power bills for longer life.

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