How can we use solar energy at home

With the remarkable advances being made in the solar powered products and commitments to enhance them more, there are ways in which you can contribute to save money and your planet. The Go green movement and parliamentary plans to introduce solar energy for extensive use adds to the motivation factor to opt for it. The simple installations of solar products at home- all or any with just the initial cost of the product will definitely make your home smarter.

Solar ovens:

Solar Ovens

Solar Ovens

True, the first thing that we can adopt in solar energy is solar cookers. The solar energy is captured in a specially designed ovens is an ultimate choice to save charcoal or LPG in a greener way. The cooking with solar ovens is easy to use without wastage of nonrenewable resources.

Hot tubs and pools:

Solar Hot Tubs And Pools

Solar Hot Tubs And Pools

Swimming pools and hot water tubs is something which we relish in any season. But no one like a cold water in them isn’t it? Well to fix this issue the solar water heaters for your pools and tubs are introduced in the market. They are designed to keep the gas or electric heaters an ease to save on your bills.

Indoor  lights:

Solar Indoor Lights

Solar Indoor Lights

Now you can add a little smartness in your indoor lights by using solar lights. These are specially designed to light up your homes without putting pressure on your electricity bills. These are easy to install with no wiring needed. You can also find solar powered table lamps with phone chargers.

Outdoor lighting system:

Solar Outdoor Lighting System

Solar Outdoor Lighting System

Just like the indoor lights there are multiple options available for outdoor lighting loaded with solar power. Now you don’t have to worry for keeping the outdoor lights on for the whole night. These come loaded with motion sensor and are well suitable for staircase, gardens, and pathways and even over the door.

Water heaters:

Solar Water heaters

Solar Water heaters

Well, hot water is the demand for every home.The conventional water heater are the major reasons for the inflated electricity bills. You can choose the solar water heaters on your rooftop to get the hot water almost round the year without major burden on the bills. These are backed up by the auxiliary backup that may come into use when the sun radiations not sufficient to heat the water.

Solar fans:

Now this is something new. We use the fans for almost whole day. Now we can choose solar powered fan for moving to go green option for saving electricity. They will minimize the need of depending on electric supply to run the fans.

Solar battery chargers:

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar Battery Chargers

You must have heard about solar battery chargers for charging your phone. These solar battery chargers help to charge the phones, laptops, tablets and any small gadgets without plugging it into the sockets. These are best for outdoor use and even at homes.

Solar battery for large appliances:

Solar Battery For Large Appliances

Solar Battery For Large Appliances

You must have used inverters to run your appliances when there is no power supply. These inverters can be loaded with solar batteries to run the appliances of your home without burdening in your utility bills. The solar batteries can be sued with the appliances when you do not want to increase your power bills and enjoy using the appliance with no worries.

Solar power to heat your room. This is something which we would live in the winters. The warm cozy homes with no burden on bills. This refers to as passive space heating. This can be done in two ways. In the fiberglass tube with water is installed in the room where they can store the energy from sun and fill the room with heat.  Secondly the daylight is allowed to pass through the windows which is captured in the collectors in the form of especially designed glass. This heat is absorbed by the floor to keep the room warm. The energy thus collected can be stored in the form of battery for further use.

These are some options where you can smartly change your homes into energy smart homes and enjoy the benefit of sun with no extra burden on electricity. In fact major installations or changes in the existing home structures are not needed if you want to start right now.

For solar water heaters and options for tub and swimming pool heating you can get in touch with us at Sanicon to get the best of the options with world class technology and smart solutions.

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