Can solar energy be the energy of future

Sun’s Energy

Sun’s Energy

Since the start of civilization or even far before the time, sun has been looked upon as the greatest source of energy that gives us light and warmth. Since that time the sun’s energy has been harnessed in a way or other to get the benefit out of it. Solar energy not only holds importance to the mankind but a source of life to flora and fauna.

Today, with the depleting sources of energy like coal, fossil fuels etc. the sun’s energy has been looked upon to get clean, boundless power that is renewable and long lasting. It has become an integral part of our daily lives. From solar heated swimming pools, solar panels to light up the homes, the sun is considered as most sustainable source of energy and have a bright future ahead.

Even the scope is wider, yet a lot more research can be done in this area giving more promising number of innovations and developments.

Limited alternate sources and endless solar energy: This is the first and the foremost reason of introduction of solar energy and its gaining popularity. The supply of energy sources like gas, petroleum, fossil fuels are decreasing but the solar energy is that source which is limitless and do not have any boundaries. It is easily available in every corner of the world and is the most reliable source of energy although it do have limitation of not being available at nights but a dependent source that it cannot be caught in law and boundaries and its availability round the year.

Increase in demand and supply:

Increase in demand and supply

Increase in demand and supply

Of lately the solar panels have gained extreme focus in generation of electricity to address the increasing demands of the population. In fact most of the panels have been installed in last five years. With new plans and laws in place sure it will become the lifeline of the mass for electricity.

Similarly the demand for solar water heaters, solar lights, solar chargers have also gained popularity for obvious reasons like economical, reliable, easy to use and maintain and so on. With the new innovations like solar lead vehicles the scope of solar energy is ever increasing with still a scope to explore more.

Increasing workforce:

As the new opportunities in solar energy are cropping in, it yields more job opportunities and generation of more per capita income of the country. The generation of more jobs and working people will also give opportunity areas for expansion in terms of innovation and more purchasing power to the people.

Reduction in cost of the products:

Reduction in cost of the products

Reduction in cost of the products

Once solar products were the reality for the riches. Today, it is the common product available with more competition in terms of quality, innovation and of course price. Nearly all the nations are now relying on solar products and as more nations developing the products indigenously and ready for sale in global markets, the cost of the products have diminished due to increase in supply. For all the reasons we can say that the solar energy can truly be the source of energy of the future that can suffice the needs of the generations to come.

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