Working of solar energy: A fundamental guide

Sun Energy

Sun Energy

You must have heard about solar cells- may be seen on your table calculator, or big names like solar panels or solar thermal heaters.

Solar Calculator

Solar Calculator

Almost everyone has come across one basic question that how the solar energy is converted to get electricity, heat or hot water.

Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

It’s a type of system that changes solar power into electrical power. Photovoltaic uses the collector panels that you might have seen on the rooftops at most of the places. Panels can be moved or associated to construct and interlinked system of solar cells to generate more power.

These panels are spread with silicon or silicon-based materials to amplify the accumulation of daylight. These solar panels transforms the sun rays into electricity. Solar energy energizes the electrons in the solar cells and electricity is created.

After that, the ingestion of daylight that was created into electricity, goes to a transformer, where it converts to AC, or alternating current because of the fact that it is in a type of direct current or DC and direct current electricity is not capable for most normal purposes. Here the current of 120V or AC that is converted from DC is moved through the transformer which is the basic electrical current utilization by the private purposes. Amid the change of the AC and DC, a little measure of solar energy is lost, yet it can be presently used for household appliances.

When the homeowners using AC power, the power created by the photovoltaic solar energy system is generally put away in a progression of batteries for later use. A solar-powered house is a battery-house, because of the fact that lights, machines and other electronic things that are connected into the electrical outlet to the house are fueled by these batteries.

Solar thermal heaters

Solar Thermal Heaters

Solar Thermal Heaters

Solar thermal collectors are utilized to transform solar energy into thermal energy, otherwise called as heat. Other that heating up the homes during winters. The other usage of such collectors can be to warm up swimming pools, create hot water for residential and commercial usage, or even electric power production. The use of mirrors and lenses, generates the heat to focus on single point which gathers the energy and changes it into electricity.

Solar water heaters:

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

In this type, a box is fitted with the collector tubes beneath the sheet of glass and lenses. The water is passed through these tubes which gets heated up as the sun’s rays or sun’s radiation falls over the glass sheet. The water is thus collected in a storage tank which supplies the hot water for use. These are usually designed in two types. The evacuated tube collector where the tubular arrangement is done as a collector and the other is the flat panel types which is arranged in a box type structure. Both of them functions the same apart from their use in hills or plains.



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