Things to consider before choosing a solar water heater

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If you are looking for hot water solutions but not wanting an inflated electricity bill then the solar water heaters will be the best choice. And before you start looking for one in the market there are few questions that you have to get the answers so that you can get the best of the models. The key points to be noted are quality of water required, your location and budget.

How much hot water you are wanting on daily basis:

How much hot water you are wanting on daily basis

This is the first and the foremost question that you have to seek an answer. The size of the tank will depend on the daily hot water requirements. The lifestyle and the family size helps to determine the quantity. The bigger families require more hot water at a given point of the day whereas the smaller families will have lesser requirements. Similarly, the lifestyle and use of hot water also plays a vital role in calculating the quantity required. It depends that you will use water for only bathing or for washing utensils and laundry as well and whether you need hot water for bath tubs, hot showers or simple bucket filled with hot water will suffice the need.

Where do you live:

Where do you live

Your location will also help you to determine the type of solar water heater you need. The areas with good sunlight and warm can yield good quantity of hot water even in small size. The hilly areas where the sunlight do not stay for whole day may require bigger model sizes to get the desired quantity of hot water.

Also, the areas where the temperature dips to the freezing point is to be considered to select the model. The drain back models will be of better choice in such areas who check the temperature of the water and minimizes the potential risk of freezing it.

What is your budget:

What is your budget

Usually the solar water heater need not to be very expensive. The rate of return of solar water heaters is faster. Before finalizing the one, you should get the estimates of the cost of installation, any hidden charges, the cost of backup heater, and cost incurred in plumbing that may incur. The best way is to get the estimates of the available options and compare to settle for the one that can suit all your demands.

The backup heater:

The backup heater attached to the primary solar water heater is the one that requires the power backup. You have to check for how long that will be working to get the estimate of the electricity consumed. This will help you to elect the one which can be use for minimum time and require less power. The type of the backup heater is also to be considered to get the best option along with reduced electricity bill.

Once you are done with the questions and have the answers and the calculation in hand then it will become easier for you to choose the best solar water heater that meets your needs.

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