How does solar water heater works in winters

Solar Water Heater

Hot water may be needed throughout the year in variable quantity. Solar water heaters are the green option to get hot water round the year. Depending on the area you live, the accessibility of the daylight and temperature conditions.  In  order to get best results sometime u might have to alter the setting of your solar water heater.

Backup heater:

Backup Heater

All solar water heaters are backed up with conventional heaters or boilers which work when the required amount of hot water is not generated exclusively with the solar energy. Unlike other solar water heaters the Rheem solar water heater have these externally installed to the solar storage tank. Which means the backup would kick in only when the water from solar is not heated sufficiently. In inclusive backup system, it has tendency to actuate the moment there is influx of water from solar is not heated sufficiently. In inclusive backup system, it has tendency to actuate the moment there is influx of 

With a specific end goal to secure the warmth and guaranteeing that the water in the heater doesn’t freeze at the zones where the temperatures falls beneath the freezing points, generally a few measures are taken to stay away from the same.

Drain back system

In this type of the system Water is pumped into the solar collector, warmed and permitted to drain back into the storage tank. Since the water naturally drains out of the collector when there is no sunlight and no further water is pumped into it, drain back systems have a built-in freeze protection so that they do not freeze when the temperature falls

Closed Loop Systems

Closed loop systems pump the radiator liquid into the solar collector. At the point when this fluid is warmed up by the sun, it is then pumped back to the storage tank where this warmth is moved into the water. In the event that the amount of the radiator fluid is sufficient to meet the requests then the system don’t falls short in the winters.


It is suggested to add oil or refrigerant as the heat transfer liquid in the closed loop systems for its resistance against freezing. Any water in a solar collector can lead to genuine issues.

It is always advisable to take precautionary moves to guarantee that you appreciate the long lasing stream of hot water from your solar water heater. A backup heater at your home will be an extra step you may take to guarantee persistent stream of water even in antagonistic conditions.

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