Why to choose a Solar Water Heater

 Solar Water Heaters From Rheem

Solar Water Heaters From Rheem

So far we have talked about solar water heater and its working. Let us now see is it really a good choice to invest in.

These days solar water heater has gained its demand due to various factors preferably in new construction so as to make one time investment.

Source is free: As the solar water heaters work on absorbing heat from the sun, the source is free of cost. The solar energy consumed is abundant and can be used till the sun shines.

Low or no maintenance: Usually the cost of maintenance of solar heaters is very less. A follow up on the maintenance checklist can help to control extra effort in its maintenance.

Saving on power bills: Usually running the hot water heaters for long ,incurs extra burden on electricity bills. which may increase in case of big families and commercial buildings. The solar water heaters helps to keep a check on extra bucks as they require electricity or gas backup only when the water is not heated upto the desired temperature.

Dependency on power is minimised: As the solar water heaters do not require electricity backup unless needed, the dependency on power supply is minimised. One do not have to wait for hot water even if there is no power supply.

Demand meets supply: Usually the solar water heaters can meet your full demand of hot water supply in summers and most of it in winters without a need of any backup.

Payback period: Although the initial cost of solar water heaters may be high but the amount of savings done in a span of 5-10 years can retrieved the cost of the same. The cost of the building also increase due to its power saving feature.

Thus, even the initial installation of the solar water heaters require some efforts and cost but due to their long favourable results they are becoming a good to buy option for most of the people.

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