Excellent Uses of Solar Energy In Our Day To Day Life..

Solar energy is the most commonly used source of renewable energy that can be used by individual at homes and buildings or on large scale by government for electricity generation for masses.

Let us see what are the products available that uses solar energy and how we can get benefit from them

Solar water heater:

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

You can heat water using the solar energy. Solar water heaters are designed to heat water from taking sun’s radiation to heat the water for homes, swimming pools, commercial buildings. The solar water heater uses radiation from the sun to heat the water. They are capable of heating the water in winters and helps to reduce the electricity bill that is increased due to use of water heaters.

Solar cooker:

Solar Cooker

You can cook your food with the solar energy. You must have used solar energy to make pickles, papads, dry spices or other food stuff but use of solar cooker can help you save the LPG consumption by cooking day to day food. They are easy to build and can not only cook the food quickly but will also act as learning fun for the children. They can be the best mates in the trips, camps or outings where you can cook fresh food without harming the nature.

Solar panels:

Solar Panel for residential use

Get the house or any building powered by the solar panels and get the reduction in electricity bills. The power generated from the solar panel is transferred to the inverter which generates the power to run your home. You can use the same for shed, warehouse, home, commercial building or any building.

Solar panels for commercial use

Even the solar panels are used by government on large scale to generate electricity for the mass consumption. This is a reliable source and environment friendly option for electricity. The government are working on plans to use the same on huge scale.

Solar lights:

Solar Light for indoor

An environmental friendly option for the CFL or LED is the solar lights. These lights run on solar energy during the day and take power from batteries during the night. These lights or set of lights can be best used indoors to lit up the rooms, the garden area and pavement area around the entrance, passage area of the building, parking, or even at large scale to lit up the roads or highways all for free. After the initial cost of installation the light will be free of cost and can help to save extra bucks from the electricity bills. And using the same for highways and streetlights, government can save on electricity which can be used to fulfil the public demand of power especially at peak time

Solar batteries:

Solar Battery

Solar Battery for phone
We must have used solar charged calculators in our daily life- the ones with a the solar chip in the corner,  but solar powered batteries are the new inventions that can help you to charge your phone from these batteries. In fact you can charge any of your household equipment which needs battery charging may it be your laptop, camera, gaming console and even you  can use the same for your invert-er. Although it is a not so common item seen in every hand, but worth keeping your frustration away that is due to battery discharge at the time of need.


3 thoughts on “Excellent Uses of Solar Energy In Our Day To Day Life..

  1. Sir
    I want to launge a business about solar panel in Pakistan. If you help me on this regards I will be very thankful to you. Please send in detail about your products and price and how can I pay. Thanks
    Anwar Ul Haq


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