Turnkey Plumbing: What it is?

Plumbing is the integral part of the building and its careful design and maintenance is crucial for the long life of the building. We understand the concept of turnkey projects. Turnkey projects are the projects that are handed to the customer once the entire project is completed. Let us now understand the concept of turnkey plumbing. Here the turnkey plumbing works at the same principle. The work of the turnkey plumbing project starts right from the design of the building, carried till the construction is completed and maintenance will be carried till the end of the contract.

Role of plumbing in the house

Role Of Plumbing

Role Of Plumbing

The work of the plumbing starts as we plans to get the house or the building constructed. The design of the building is prepared keeping in mind the design and flow of the pipes and fixtures. As the design hits the ground the plumbers comes into effect and start the work as planned. They are the right people who understand the key joints and possible maintenance areas of the entire fitting.

Once the construction comes into its final stage and the people moves in, the role of interior designer or civil contractor may end, but the role of plumbers is never ending to keep the joints, fixtures and fittings in place to save the building from unwanted seepage, leaks or may it be pipe bursts.

Turnkey Plumbing

Turnkey Plumbing

Here where the turnkey plumbing comes into effect. The plumbers or the contractors who have executed the initial fitting of the pipes know the flow much better than the local plumbers and they can be the right persons to call upon for regular checks and repairs.

Benefits of turnkey plumbing:

Contracted work: The contracted work is always better than the individual work as it reduces the cost incurred at the work

Maintenance On Site

Maintenance On Site

Hassle free plumbing: Once the turnkey plumbing comes into effect the hassle of searching the local plumber every time is eliminated

Regular maintenance for healthy building:

Seepages at House

Seepage’s at House

Usually the plumbers are looked upon once the damage is done. but turnkey plumbers keeps a regular check on the fixtures and fittings to keep the building healthy.

Cost effective: The cost incurred in construction and regular maintenance in case of turnkey plumbing is cost effective as compared to independent work.

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