Soon, discarded coconut shells may light up streetlamps in Navi Mumbai…

Discarded coconut shells may light up streetlamps

Discarded coconut shells may light up streetlamps

NAVI MUMBAI: The civic body along with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) will soon set up a bio-electricity plant to power streetlights in the city. The caveat: it will run on coconut shells, which are thrown as waste in the city.

Sources in the NMMC said that the plant will be set up on a “scientific landfill site” in Turbhe.

The plant, which is the brain child of NMMC and TERI, will be built on the landfill, which measure 6.5 acres.

“The biomass gasifier plant will use coconut shell as raw material. Almost 10% of the 650 metric tons waste collected consists of coconut shells,” said Prathamesh Chourey, associate fellow, western regional centre, TERI. (See Box)

He explained that the project will initially generate 20KW per hour. “Once successful, we plan to generate 240KW,” he added.

Chourey explained that for generating 20KW per hour, just 35kg of coconut shells will be needed. “It will take around 6-8 months to establish the pilot project. The estimated cost is Rs 50-55 lakh. To establish it on a permanent basis, it will cost around Rs 2-3 crore,” he said.

This project, sources said, is part of the civic body’s aim to become an eco-city and the plan has been in the pipeline for a while.

“The initiative of promoting this plant was taken by the NMMC commissioner in February. Accordingly, TERI gave the civic body a design and a cost estimate for the project and we have decided to start it at Turbhe landfill. The power generated through this energy will be used for streetlights in the city, and the estimated cost and design of this plant will be soon sanctioned by the NMMC.” said an official from the eco-city cell of the civic body.


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