Aim is self sustainable green building

Zero Water Building Our Aim Is Self Sustainable Building

Zero Water Building Our Aim Is Self Sustainable Building

In most countries, buildings are the largest driver for both energy use and CO2 emissions. Asian countries are expected to contribute a third of worldwide GHG (Green House Gas) emissions. Consequently, the challenge to reduce the energy and GHG footprints of new and existing buildings is a very serious one. The need is to focus on sustainable building. These are structures that are built in an environmentally responsible manner by maximizing use of materials, minimizing use of resources and ensuring the health and well-being of occupants and the surrounding built environment both today and for generations to come.

One of the key topics that are considered to make the building self sustainable is Water efficiency.The main goal is to increase water efficiency use within the building, thereby reducing the amount of water needed for operations. Some methods, which can be designed in a building, include water efficient landscaping to reduce irrigation requirements and the use of innovative wastewater management technologies.

Sanicon brings to you H2zerO for making you building self sustainable in respect of water management. It not only includes rainwater harvesting but management for waste water as well.

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