Cool And Innovative Water Saving Concepts ….

Efficient: Foot Pedal Faucet Controllers


Foot pedal faucet controllers allow you to control a faucet hands-free. These devices are efficient and hygienic — they are commonly found in commercial kitchens and hospitals. I’m not sure why we don’t see them in more homes. You can reduce water use by 50% using pedal controllers, and if it’s hot water, you’ll be saving power too.

At a sink, you control the flow of a faucet with a pedal much like the accelerator in a car. It’s easier to turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing the dishes. In a four-person household, the use of pedal controllers in the kitchen alone can save up to 7500 gallons of water annually, as well as conserve the energy needed to heat those gallons.

Hand-free faucet controllers also guard against the transfer of bacteria between faucet fixtures and hand. They are particularly useful when your hands have paint or soil on them.

Pedal controllers can be installed relatively easily under the sink, although most do require an electrical connection.

It’s available from Amazon.


Eco Drop Shower:

The “Mindful Shower Head” above try to remind you the water usage amount by a visual way, while this one just give you more directly touching feeling – makes you stand uncomfortably.

The concentric circles are pretty wonderful when not in use. However, after showering for a long time, they will rise to force you stop showering, accordingly saving water.

Eco-drop shower



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