Play Holi With An Attitude Of Energy Efficiency And Expedite !!!!

Play Holi With Sanicon Energy Solution in an energy efficient style

Play Holi With Sanicon Energy Solution in an energy efficient style

A dream house provides pleasure and relaxing environment anytime of the day. It should have luxurious feel with no additional economical implications. A House equipped with running cold and hot water irrespective of the weather. Bathroom fixtures and garden that sings about its beauty and fullfill the occupants need.

Sanicon energy comes with all the solutions under one roof

Solar water heater: as the name suggests they work on solar energy which is free and abundant so you don’t have to spend extra on electricity bill. A Rheem Solar hot water systems doesn’t comes with integrated electrical backup in the storage tank itself, like a conventional heater do. The backup is actually on outlet of the solar system and gets activated only if solar is not able to heat up the water itself. This means extra expenses are not incurred for hot water any time of the day.

Insulated water tanks: When the weather is scorching outside, the water also boils in the taps. We at Sanicon provide you with insulated water tanks that can store water for you and also controls the temperature even if the temperature outside is 50o C. So no worries about hot scalding water in during summer months.

Turnkey plumbing: We understand that every fitting of the house should reflect the beauty of the house right from the inception. We provide turnkey plumbing so you don’t have to worry for pipe fittings.

Zero water building: every drop of water counts. With the limited resources of water and increasing demand its now need of an hour to conserve it. H2zerO is a step towards it. It means a building which doesn’t imports even a drop of water from outside, neither discharge a drop outside. The process is to  recycle and treat the waste water from Potable application such as bathing and use it in non potable application such as flushing.

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