Plumbing: An Art To Re-Define The Beauty Of The Building…

We at Sanicon are expert in Turnkey plumbing solution

Turnkey Plumbing Solution

Plumbing is not about laying some pipe here and fixing some pipe there. It’s an art based on two principles: Beauty & The Utility. Every inlet, outlet, pipe size or pump etc should be designed in a manner that reflects their utility and should be placed like it’s the place meant for them.

We at Sanicon are expert in it. We know that even for two identical buildings having equal no. of bathrooms, one may require a different pump configuration altogether than the other, same like the finger prints which are different for twins.

With more than 15 years of experience and in-house design team we have an eye on every detail of plumbing, may it be:

  • How much litres of water would a fixture require?
  • At what pressure would water be required?
  • What would be frequency of operation of particular fixture?
  • What is the placement of the bathrooms with respect to overhead tank?

In addition to the above bits we also believe in energy conservation. Just by putting low water showers or pumps is not enough for energy conservation. So we also keep in mind the pipe sizing, water heater sizing, drain water sizing, rain water harvesting pits etc. and to synchronize them properly into the system.

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