Longing for 24X7 hot water supply!!!!

But the electricity bill spoils your mood and comfort! Get Rheem Solar Water Heater.

A solar hot water system is not just a tag to be environment friendly, it has real and practical benefits for you. Studies over the years have shown that homeowners and businesses who have installed solar hot water systems have been delighted with their investment. We are sure that you will be too!

Personal benefits of a solar hot water system include:

– Monthly savings on your electricity bills – it is obviously a primary reason for installing solar water heaters.

– Increased value of your home – A study by the Appraisal Institute have determined that people are willing to pay more for homes with solar hot water systems.

– Increased hot water – Rheem Solar hot water systems doesn’t comes with integrated electrical backup in the storage tank itself like a conventional heater do. The backup is actually on outlet of the solar system and gets activated only if solar is not able to heat up the water itself.

– This means that instead of renting the energy from the power company, you are utilizing the energy available to you free of cost, which otherwise is getting wasted. At times when there is no sun or when its foggy outside, Rheem solar water heaters  provided by Sanicon works on auxiliary heating.

So irrespective if its sunny or foggy, your Solar Water Heater will work automatically maximizing the returns for you.

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