The Ultra Mega 5 GW Wind-Solar Power Project Planned In Gujarat By PM Narendra Modi

Gujarat Solar Park

An aerial view of Charanka solar park in Gujarat, India

The latest ultra mega solar power project announced in India is in the state of Gujarat, and will also include wind energy installations.

The new project announced under India’s ultra mega solar power policy is in the state that originated the concept of solar parks – Gujarat. The central government has announced plans to set up 5 GW wind-solar energy park in the state.

The solar power capacity at the project will be about the same as in other large solar parks planned across the states. The integrated wind and solar energy park will include about 800 MW of wind energy capacity and 4.2 GW solar power capacity.

Gujarat is already home to the largest solar park on Asia – Charanka solar park in Patan district. It currently has just over 200 MW of solar power capacity operational but is expected to be expanded to 590 MW.

The project will be executed by two public sector companies – SJVN and Hindustan Salt Limited. The latter will provide surplus land from its salt production business in western Gujarat.

Along the first ultra mega solar power projects conceived in India was a 4 GW project in Rajasthan. The project would have seen collaboration from several public sector companies. The future of the project remains uncertain reportedly due to political reasons.

The task of implementing these UMSPPs will be assigned to public sector companies which are likely to procure India-made solar power equipment for execution of the projects. India’s largest power producer – NTPC Limited – is planning to implement several of these projects and currently has a pipeline of 3.5 GW solar power capacity.

The ambitious ultra mega solar power project program is the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, under whose leadership the Charanka solar park was implemented. As per the policy, the central government shall facilitate implementation of 20 GW solar power capacity across various states in the country over the next five years.



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