Great Step Of PM Narendra Modi To Enhance The Value Of Brand India In World.

Vibrant Gujarat: PM Narendra Modi hardsells country as next big opportunity to US’s John Kerry 

GANDHINAGAR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is getting ready to take a “quantum leap”, elevating the Vibrant Gujarat Summit he founded as chief minister in 2003 into a platform to hardsell India as the next big opportunity to statesmen such as US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, and industry bosses from across the globe. “We will be available to hold your hands whenever you need us.

You will find us standing with you in your journey,” Modi said at the inauguration on Sunday. The audience included the cream of India Inc such as Mukesh Ambani and brother Anil, Gautam Adani, Shashi Ruia and other business leaders who have built empires in Gujarat. Modi assured the huge gathering an enabling and constantly improving policy framework and spoke of his nine-month-old government’s reforms vision. “My government is committed to create a policy environment that is predictable, transparent and fair,” adding that it was working to ensure faster and more inclusive growth

He spoke about a “level playing field” to make India a manufacturing hub, adding that the government has put the focus on building infrastructure through public and private investments. He lingered on the Mars orbiter mission, and compared its frugal cost to that of the recent Hollywood blockbuster Interstellar. Vibrant Gujarat, which had been conceived by Modi as a means of drumming up investment in the state, also became the stage on which he recast himself as a progressive, business friendly – leader.

On Sunday, Modi did not disappoint those who came to listen to his plans to transform the economy in a speech devoted to Destination India. While the English address marked a break from his usual impromptu style, he started by paying tribute to those killed in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

It was as clear a signal as any that Vibrant Gujarat had taken on a global feel. Richard Rekhy, KPMG’s India chief, had tweeted earlier that with Modi as PM, Vibrant Gujarat could become Vibrant India in the coming years.

Kerry praised the various initiatives announced by Modi since he took office. “I was very taken during PM Modi’s campaign (slogan) — Sabka saath, sabka vikas — participation of all for development of all. That sounds like a pretty good slogan for all of us to adopt, and if we adopt it, we can get the job done.”

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