A revolutionary development of energy sector in the north east region dedicated by Narendra modi to unlock the potential of North east region.

Dedication to the nation of Unit-II of ONGC Tripura Company Ltd Power Plant, at Palatana.

PM tripura power 684 (1)

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today said the Centre desired to move forward on energy generation using natural gas, to power the economy of India. He said youth of the north-east could gain employment from projects related to such plants. He was speaking at the dedication to the nation of Unit-II of ONGC Tripura Company Ltd Power Plant, at Palatana.

He said this was perhaps the first time that a Prime Minister had the good fortune to spend three days among the people of the North-East. He said he is thankful to the people of all four states of the North-East which he visited, for the love and affection they had showered on him. He said his first function in the north-east was connected to “gati” – speed or connectivity, and the last one here at Palatana was dedicated to “urja” – energy.

He said for a nation to develop, it needed both gati and urja and also disha – direction. Therefore, the Prime Minister said the Government was converting the Look East policy to Act East policy. He said the Government had signed an agreement with Japan, to open an economic corridor with Myanmar, which would boost employment in the region. He said the North-East would not remain backward now. As the gateway to Asia, it had the potential to move forward in this century, which was being called the century of Asia. He said towards this end, the Government was keen on building modern infrastructure in the north-east, to unlock its potential.http://www.narendramodi.in/pms-address-at-the-dedication-to-the-nation-of-unit-ii-of-ongc-tripura-company-ltd-power-plant/


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