Green is not a color , its an attitude !!!!


Zero Wtaer Building

Zero Water Building By Sanicon Energy Solution

In the current scenario, where there is a scarcity of water both in terms of quantity and quality, merely going green is not a full solution. In other word it means that you cant call yourself green just by installing shower head with lesser flow rate, if we do so then we are just looking at short term solutions. The right approach in the current scenario can only be “Self Sustainable”.

H2zerO is a step towards Self Sustainability. It means a building which doesn’t imports even a drop of water from outside, neither discharge a drop outside. For residential usage most of our water consumption goes for non potable application such as laundry, washing, mopping cleaning etc. So the idea is to recycle and treat the waste water from Potable application such as bathing and use it in non potable application. By this method alone we would be in a position to reduce our fresh water consumption by almost 50 – 75%.

So if you are planning to construct a new house or planning for the renovation talk to us , share your experiences and schedule for your free in home consultation and quote.


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