Superb!!! A Revolutionary device that converts humidity in the air into drinking water and electricity….

A model of the wind turbine on display at the World Future Energy Summit.

Dubai: A revolutionary wind turbine that can produce fresh water and electricity even in the remotest and driest areas on the planet is set to rise in Ghantoot nature reserve within the next few weeks.

The wind turbine converts humidity in the air into a liquid state. It is also able to progenerate electricity to power air-conditioners and lighting.

After a partnership agreement with Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), which manages the reserve, the new French-built wind turbine is ready to be installed and tested for a whole year, said Major Ali Saqr Al Suwaidi, EMEG chairman.

“This project has received a global prize and will be costing around $2 million. On our part, EMEG has done its best to prepare the area and test it before Eole Water installs the device in Ghantoot reserve. We are now just waiting for them to get the equipment and install it,” said Al Suwaidi.

“The trial will include examining how much litres of water will the turbine produce from humid. This will be a very good future project and a big step forward. Such sustainable technologies need to be implemented to produce very clean energy and water and can reduce UAE’s reliance on desalination plants,” he said.

The whole aim behind the project according to Al Suwaidi was to make the Ghantoot reserve a completely no-carbon area where people will only be allowed to enter the area by horse or by foot.

In 2012, the French company was undergoing trials in Abu Dhabi to determine the device’s practicality in desert conditions and the tests were successful and showed that the turbines can withstand harsh desert conditions and sandstorms. Large quantities of water were produced wwith around 62 litres of fresh water an hour.


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