Actually all Industries should take care of their own Waste Water !!!!


Green and clean solutions to the dairy industry’s wastewater problems

Every year, the green and leafy town of Vimmerby in southern Sweden hosts thousands of Astrid Lindgren fans paying tribute to the author’s popular Pippi Longstocking and other children’s characters. Lindgren’s birthplace is also one of the country’s most enterprising regions, where diverse industries dot the landscape.

One of the largest of these is Arla Foods, with its hi-tech Vimmerby plant, processing an average of 1.5m kg of milk daily. More than 13,500 farmers in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK own the Arla milk co-operative.

Dealing with dairy wastewater

In 2012, Arla planned to expand its Vimmerby production to meet a growing demand, but the resulting wastewater presented a problem. The municipality’s wastewater treatment facility was already running at full capacity. Expanding the facilities to meet Arla’s needs would take an estimated three to four years.


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