A Grand Successful Metropolis World Congress conference 2014 being organized in Hyderabad by the Government of Telangana

Speech by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee….

I am honoured to attend the closing ceremony of the 11th Metropolis World 2014 being organized in Hyderabad by the Government of Telangana. I believe this is the first major international conference in the newly formed state. I understand the “Metropolis World Congress meets triennially and brings the best urban leaders, administrators, city managers, practitioners, organizations and citizen representatives from 136 metropolitan cities on one platform to discuss current issues of their cities and share knowledge. This is the first time this Congress is being held in and representatives of over 100 Indian cities are also present here today.

I am sure the intellectual churning over the last three days has been fruitful and will provide new insight into urban planning and administration with the ultimate goal of making Cities for all which is the theme of the Congress. I congratulate Government of Telangana and Metropolis on successfully hosting this event.


Urbanisation is sweeping the world. It has been said that the 19th century was the century of empires; the 20th century was the century of countries and the 21st century will be the century of cities. During 2008, according to the United Nations, mankind became for the first time in its history a predominantly urban species. Demographers estimate that three quarters (75%) of the global population could be urban by 2050 with most of the increase coming in the fast growing towns of Asia and Africa. http://www.business-standard.com/article/government-press-release/speech-by-the-president-of-india-shri-pranab-mukherjee-at-the-114100901154_1.html

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