Simple, sustainable and not ‘superchef’: the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant

In the ground floor of a handsome industrial-looking building in the heart of Brighton’s trendy North Laine district, something of a first in the restaurant world is about to take place. The UK’s first zero-waste eatery is due to open in just under a week’s time.

The restaurant – Silo – is aiming to massively raise the bar when it comes to all things ethical and culinary. It will recycle all of its waste and has invested in a special compost machine – proudly displayed near the entrance – to process all of its food scraps. Supplies will be delivered in reusable containers. Ingredients are being sought from (mostly local) farmers and producers direct. There are no middlemen. Flour for the restaurant’s bread will be milled on site. Booze is being brewed in the basement.

Dishes will come served on startling-looking plates made from recycled plastic bags, with drinks – in the main, coffees are excluded for obvious reasons – to be drunk out of recycled jam jars and receipts emailed to customers to save paper. The toilets will be flushed with waste from coffee machines, plus there are plans for solar panels to ease the electricity usage.


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